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Companies rely on advanced technology, based on the local bromine resources to increase the added value and extend the industrial chain,Has become the advanced equipment, improve detection technology, strong technical force, to produce bromine series of pesticide intertes mainly of high-tech enterprises.

  • ShanDong KeYuan Chemical Co., Ltd located in the beautiful and rich in the northwest of Jiaodong Peninsula, Laizhou Bay south coast ......

  • The company's future development strategy is: to personnel training and technological innovation on the priority position to market ......


The use of triester need to pay attention to what problems

Tri-ester is our main product, our market-oriented, customer-centric, operating excellent and cheap products, good results, we have a perfect service, a warm welcome to every customer visit.

Address: Laizhou City, Shandong Province Yinhai Industrial Park

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